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We are fortunate enough to have a permanent cinema in our clubrooms, it has a seating capacity of 54, featuring real cinema seats, rescued from a local cinema which was closing down. We have a reasonably large (~10 foot diagaonal) projection screen, complete with automated curtains. We are able to project both 4:3 aspect films, and 16:9 widescreen films. A surround-sound system is also installed, all of which are controlled from the sound-proof projection box. Our new state-of-the art projector can project films in a variety of formats - miniDV, DVD, VHS, while we also retain the ability to project cine film when required.
Multi-Use Room
The multi-use room was originally an editing suite, however as most members now have their own equipment at home, this was not being used as regularly as it had been in the past. We have therefore converted this room into a general purpose room, which is occassionally used for filming, planning projects, catering, and storage.
The Blue Room
The blue room was created several years ago from what used to be an additional (overflow) cinema room. The blue room now features an entire wall set aside for blue screen (chromakey) work. We also have a matching blue carpet for full-length chromakey effects. This room is equipped with various lighting options, to ensure the best possible lighting conditions. We also use this room for general filming (facing the other direction) and as it is also still equipped with a small projection screen, it has been used on occassion for slide show viewing.
Our newly refurbished kitchen is able to cater for teas and coffees each club night. We also have a cooker so are able to produce hot food when required. We have a large amount of storage space, and cater for larger groups when special events are held.
We have a club office which holds our film library, as well as providing photocopying and computer facilities. It also contains all the archives of the club, press-clippings and photos from the earliest days of E.C.V.S.
Meeting Room
We have a large meeting room, in which members can congregate before club evenings and during tea and coffee breaks. With plenty of seating, this area is ideal for catching up with friends. We also hold our Committee Meetings in this room.
Toilet Facilities
We have both male and female toilet facilities in the club rooms.
Projection Box
The Projection box.