The History of ECVS

Earliest Press Cutting mentioning the society,
dated 13th May 1937.

Established in 1936, Edinburgh Cine and Video Society has a long and illustrious history. The society has seen many changes over the years, both internally, and in the outside world. Luckily, as a film producing society, ECVS was in an ideal position to record these changes for posterity!

For a video-introduction to the history of the club, you may like to watch our 70th Anniversary Film.

We also have a wealth of press-clippings, photographs, and other documents which may be of interest to the historian. It is our intention to make a selection of these available via this website over time. Currently you can view a small selection of material from our archives.

ECS members record a commentary
in 1977.

Click here for a list of the office-bearers over the life of the society,
who went to great lengths to develop and maintain the society which we still enjoy today.