Edinburgh Cine and Video Society have held a number of competitions open to non-members over the years. Our annual Pilgrim Trust Competition is open to all film-makers, they only stipulation being that the entries should have some connection with Scotland, be it a Scottish theme, filmed in Scotland, or any other connection.

Another competition open to non-members was our 70th Anniversary Competition, held in 2006, where entries were welcomed from all amateur film-makers on any subject, with a �70 prize being awarded.

Some more information on past, present and future open competitions run by ECVS can be found below:

The Pilgrim Trust Award

The Pilgrim Trust Competition

This competition is open to anyone, not just E.C.V.S. members. It is for a film about Scotland or on a Scottish theme. There is a magnificent rose bowl for the winner to hold for a year but he or she also gets, as a permanent reminder of the success, a miniature quaich, suitably engraved.

This competition is organised by E.C.V.S. each year, usually near the end of April each year. There is a special entry form to be completed and usually a small entry fee is to be paid.

The Pilgrim Trust, that gives it's name to this award, was a charitable organisation which gave a charitable loan to the ECVS in the 1980s.

Pilgrim Trust Competition
Competition Instructions and Entry Form

Pilgrim Trust Competition 2015
Entries for 2015 Viewing and Judging

Pilgrim Trust Competition 2014
Entries for 2014 Viewing and Judging

Pilgrim Trust Competition 2013
Entries for 2013 Viewing and Judging

Pilgrim Trust Competition 2012
Entries for 2012 Viewing and Judging

Pilgrim Trust Competition 2011
Entries for 2011 Viewing and Judging

Pilgrim Trust Competition 2010
Entries for 2010 Viewing and Judging

Pilgrim Trust Competition 2008
2008 Entries/Programme
2008 Award Night

Pilgrim Trust Competition 2007
2007 Entries (PDF document)

The 70th Anniversary Cake!

ECVS 70th Anniversary Competition

To mark our 70th Anniversary, ECVS ran an open competition with a cash prize of �70, for all amateur film-makers, welcoming films on any subject whatsoever.