Links to other clubs and societies for film and video enthusiasts

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Northern Ireland


IAC - the Film & Video Institute
The UK organisation for amateur film & video makers everywhere


Scottish Association of Moviemakers (SAM)

Dundee Camcorder Club
Dunfermline Camcorder Club
East Renfrewshshire Camcorder Club
Largs Videomakers
Orkney Movie Group
Perth Film-Makers Club


Basingstoke Video Film Makers
Formerly Basingstoke Camcorder Club
Borehamwood Camcorder Club
Bradford Camcorder Users Group
Bristol Film and Video Society
Chichester Film and Video Makers
Doncaster Movie Makers Camcorder Club
Epsom Cine and Video Society
Frome Film and Video Makers
Gloucester Cine and Video Club
Harrogate Camcorder Group
Formerly Harrogate Cine and Video Society
Haywards Heath Cine and Video Society
Huddersfield Video and Cine Club
Jersey Camcorder Club
Leeds Moviemakers
Lichfield Movie Makers
Maidstone Camcorder Club
Medway Camcorder Club
Mercury Movie Makers
Mid-Cheshire Camcorder Club
Milton Keynes Camcorder Club
Orpington Video and Film Makers
Potters Bar Cine and Video Society
Reading Film and Video Makers
Sandwell Camcorder Club
Also known as Sandwell Society of Film Makers
Sheffield Movie Makers
Shooters Hill Camcorder Club
based in Shooters Hill, London, SE18
Spring Park Film Makers
formerly Spring Park Cine and Video Society,
based in West Wickham, Kent
Stoke Cine and Video Society
Surrey Border Film and Video Makers
Sutton Coldfield Moviemakers
Teign Film Makers Club
Tynemouth Cine and Video Group
Walthamstow Amateur Cinevideo Club
Warrington Cine and Video Society
Warrington District Camcorder Club
Worcester Camcorder Club
Zoom Video Camera Club


Torfaen Camcorder Club

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Camcorder Club


Mayo Film and Video Club
(Dublin, Republic of Ireland)
Federation of Australian Moviemakers
North Side Camcorder Club
(Sydney, Australia)
Ringwood Moviemakers Inc.
(Melbourne, Australia)
Western Australia Film and Video Club
ACT Video Camera Club
(Canberra, Australia)
Long Island Moviemakers Inc.
(New York, U.S.A)

If you would like us to include a link to your club or society, please contact us.